Review Questions For Romans 1–11. Two Extra Points If the Right Answer Is Defended From the Text. However, a Verse Cannot Be Found For Every Question.

If people knew God, they would worship Him. T, F
God’s patience is one reason people ignore Him. T, F
The law written on the heart is the conscience. T,F
The law written on the heart is the basis of natural law. T,F
Jews have a basic advantage over Gentiles. T,F
The spiritual counterpart of circumcision is baptism. T,F
Abraham was justified after he and his family were circumcised. T,F
God’s judgment is not part of the Gospel. T,F
Two consequences of sin are depravity and inability. T,F
Sin is a word that literally means to fall off the edge. T,F
God simply cannot acquit the guilty. T,F

Purpose and futility are both woven into nature. T, F
Everything works together for good to those who love God. T,F
God’s election is based on His foreknowledge of His people throughout human history. T,F
Election is impossible. God does not know what we will do until we do it. T, F
Israel’s stumbling was their own fault. T,F
Israel is the enemy of God for our sakes. T,F
The Gentile church is the real Israel now. T,F
God’s electing sovereignty and our responsibility are both true even if we cannot explain the paradox. T,F
God has turned Jewish contempt for Messiah Jesus into Gentile love for Him. T,F
The Gospel is first for the Jews, also for Gentiles. T,F
The Gospel is plainly described in the Old Testament. T,F
God is unjust if He does not save everyone. T,F

When people  reject God, God rejects them. T,F
Believers will inherit the world. T,F
Adam’s sin and Christ’s obedience are parallel. T,F
Eventually everyone will be saved. T,F
The “with” words define our union with Christ. T,F
By special work of the Holy Spirit we may live sinless lives. T,F
We are either slaves of sin or slaves of obedience to God. T,F
When Paul speaks of part of the body or members, in Romans, he refers to the church. T,F
Although the Law should stop us from sinning, it provokes sin. T,F
The Holy Spirit is the goal of the spiritual life. T,F
The resurrection of believers is linked to a restoration of the ecology. T,F
The Holy Spirit prays for us, but not in us. T,F
The Holy Spirit indwells some believers. T,F
Although Paul  speaks of glorification in the past tense, he really means that it is yet future. T,F
                                                                                                Possible score: 100 points

Define these words in terms of ordinary human situations.




Which of the follow events in our salvation is not passive?
            election                      forgiveness                 adoption
            calling                        foreknowledge           union with Christ
            justification                regeneration                access to grace
            sanctification              reconciliation              glorification

Fill in the blanks

___________ ->  Endurance ->  __________ ->  Hope

List three OT texts that support the Trinity.

The main theme of Romans is
            Sin and its consequences
            Justification by faith
            The righteousness of God
            Israel’s failure

Paul works us through the whole sin topic to
Make us feel bad.
Make us work harder.
Aid his own understanding.
Aid our own understanding.
Show us that we are not saved yet.

List six “with” words.

Romans gives us two steps to salvation. _______________ _____________and __________________________________________

What is mercy? Possible total score.1 25 points.