Preface On Romans. One Sentence Is True; One Is False.

Which sentence is more correct?
Everyone knows that there is a God. Lots of people do not know that God exists.

Everyone knows the Law of God. Only Jews and Christians know the Law of God.

People regress to worship nature. Nature worship is a step toward worshiping God.

God gives up on some people. God doesn’t give up on anybody.

Homosexual conduct is sinful. Homosexuality is a valid alternative life-style.

Disobeying your parents is bad. Disobeying parents is normal.

All humans are condemned before God. There is no condemnation for anyone.

Nobody does good. Some people have lived righteous lives and won salvation.

Jews have a spiritual advantage over Gentiles. Jews have disadvantages compared to Gentiles in knowing God.

Faith alone can save a person while doing good never can. Faith alone can never save a person.

Abraham is the father of all Christian believers. Abraham is the father of the Christians, Jews and Muslims.

God saves people who are His enemies. God hates those who hate Him.

Adam’s rebellion led to death for all his offspring. Adam’s sin only hurt himself.

Believers are slaves of obedience. Believers are slaves to no one.

A married woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. A married woman is not bound to her husband after the divorce.

Paul’s mind serves God while his flesh serves sin. Paul has his spiritual act together.

God corrupted the creation. Humans corrupted the creation.

The Holy Spirit prays for us. We can only pray for each other.

God intends us to look like Jesus. We are all different.