Parallels of Revelation and Ezekiel.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel Zechariah and Malachi contribute to our knowledge of Revelation. Also, fulfilled prophecy makes prophecy everywhere easier to understand. Of the Old Testament texts, however, Isaiah makes Revelation more understandable to me than Ezekiel. But there are remarkable parallels between Revelation and Ezekiel, two books written about 600 years apart. Some of them are listed here.

The vision of God. Rev.4. Ezek.1

The seal on the forehead of God's elect. Rev.7. Ezek.9

The Lamb is their shepherd. Rev.7:17. David as shepherd. Ezek.34:23.

Coals from the altar are thrown down. Rev.8:5. Ezek.10:1–2

No more delay in God's judgment. Rev.10:1–7. Ezek.12

The prophet eats the scroll of God's judgment. Rev.10:8–11. Ezek.3

The prophet measures the temple. Rev.11:1–2. Ezek.40–43

Jerusalem is likened to Sodom. Rev.11:8. Ezek.16:46–53

The cup of God's wrath. Rev.14. Ezek.23:32–34

The harlot. Rev.17–18 (Babylon). (Judah and Samaria) Ezek.16, 23

Lament over the Great City. Rev.18 (Babylon). (Tyre) Ezek.27

Earth lit with God's glory. Rev.18:1. Ezek.43:1,2

The scavengers' feast. Rev.19:17,18. Ezek.39

Gog and Magog. Rev.20:7–9. Ezek.38–39

Resurrection. Rev.20:4–6. (Valley of dry bones) Ezek.37

New Jerusalem. Rev.21. (City with 12 gates) Ezek.40–48.

The dwelling place of God is with men. Rev.21:3,4. Ezek.37:27

River of Life. Rev.22. Ezek.47:1–2

The trees which bear fruit every month, with leaves for healing. Rev.22:2. Ezek.47:12