Outlines of I–II Kings. The Kings of Israel and Judah.

IK.1. Adonijah the rebel.
IK.2. In the end there were no rivals.
IK.3–4 Solomon, a picture of the millennial kingdom.
IK.5 A house for David; a house for God.
IK.6–7 Solomon’s temple; a picture of the heavenly sanctuary.

IK.7–8 Dedication of the temple to the Great God.
IK.9–11 Solomon loved women more than God.
IK.11–12 Israel was divided north and south between Jeroboam and Rehoboam.
IK.13 The strange case of two prophets.
IK.14–16 Three kings of Judah. If you are with me, I am with you.

IK.15–16 Six bad kings of Israel in 60 years.
IK.17 Elijah, the silent prophet. The Drought. War with Baal #1.
IK.18–19 Elijah on Mt. Carmel. War with Baal #2.
IK.19–20 Two wins over Syria. War with Baal #3.
IK.21 Naboth’s Vineyard. The king and the law.

IK.22 Was Ahab deceived? God and the problem of evil.
IK.22-IIK.2. Elijah and Ahaziah leave—in opposite directions.
IIK.2–6 Twelve miracles by Elisha. War with Baal #4.
IIK.3 Jehoshaphat’s policies.
IIK.5 Naaman, the Syrian leper. Evangelism at work.

IIK.6 Elisha at the siege of Dothan. Spiritual warfare.
IIK.7 Four beggars find bread. Evangelism at work.
IIK.8–9 Elisha’ coups. The Shunemite in the midst of carnage.
IIK.10 Jehu wipes out Baalism. War with Baal #5.
IIK.10 The trail of the sons of Rechab.

IIK.11–12 King Joash and his mentor, Jehoiada.
IIK.13. Amaziah. The sins of Jeroboam.
IIK.14–15 Jeroboam II,and Uzziah. A respite.
IIK.15–16 Ahaz and the pro-Assyria policy.
IIK.15–17 The End of Israel.

IIK.18. Hezekiah I.
IIK.18–20 Hezekiah II. His second prayer
IIK.21–23 Manasseh, Amon, Josiah.
IIK.23–25 The End of Judah.
IIChron. 36; Ezra 1–4 Sequel .