Genesis 8:20–9:20. After the Flood.

Key Notes: The Covenant with Noah. Other covenants. Regarding weather.

8:20 After Noah offered burnt offerings of the clean animals and birds from the seven pairs that were save, (Gen.7:2), God  made a covenant with Noah. He promised not to curse the earth with a flood again.
"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."
When we see great storms, or drought, or global warming, we humans become fearful. In difficult weather conditions, I meditate on the promise of this verse, which God ratified with the rainbow.

9:1–12 God gave Noah instructions as part of His covenant.

*Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. (8:17; 9:1)
*The fear of man was to be upon all living things. 
*The animals as well as the plants would be their food. Blood was not to be eaten.
*Blood-shed was to be punished by death because man was made in God's image. This institutes capital punishment for murder.
*The rainbow will be the sign of the covenant to God's attention.

The covenant with Noah was one of a series of covenants that God made with us humans.

`The first was with Adam. Gen.2:15
`The covenant with Noah includes a promise not to destroy the world with a flood again. Gen.8:20–9:17
`God made a covenant with Abraham (Gen.12:1–3), elaborated in Gen.17:1–8 promising blessing to the world through Abraham’s offspring.
`The most important covenant in the OT was given to Israel and Moses (Ex.20), detailed in Deuteronomy.
`The covenant with David promises an everlasting kingdom through his lineage. IISam.7:11–14.
`We live under the New Covenant made by Christ. Heb.10:14–1.

Our God is a covenant-making God. We are not reaching up to Him. He is reaching down to us, making promises, giving us hope of salvation and future joys with Him.