Ezekiel 35. Esau—Mount Seir—gets Judgment Again.

Key Notes: History of Esau. Petra is all that remains of Esau's kingdom.

Ezek.35:1 Mt.Seir is Edom, the home of Esau, the red-haired hunter son of Isaac and Rebekah, twin brother of Jacob. Edom was Idumea under the Romans. It is a desert with sand-stone cliffs south of the Dead Sea,  occupied by the Edomites about 1800 BC, many years before the Exodus, so there was no basis for competition for land between Esau and Jacob.

The history of these fraternal twins goes back more than 1000 years. (Jacob lived about 1800 BC; Ezekiel is 580BC.). There was a feud between the Jacob, the God-fearer and his twin brother Esau, the pagan.
*"The older (Esau) will serve the younger (Jacob)" was a prophecy which announced the conflict before their birth. Gen.25:23
*Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a good dinner. Gen.25:31
*Esau married two Hittite women who made life bitter for Isaac and Rebekah. Gen.26:34
*Jacob stole the blessing and ran for his life. Gen.27:1
*Jacob and Esau reconciled years later. Gen.33

*Edom would not let Israel go through their land when they were migrating into the Promised Land, and they had to make a wide detour. That was more than 400 years later. Num.20:21
*Saul fought Moab, Edom, and Philistines. I Sam. 14:47
*David killed 18,000 Edomites (“every male” IK11:15) and Edom became Israel's servant. IISam. 8:13
*During Jehoram's reign, Edom revolted and almost killed Jehoram. IIK.8:20
*Amaziah killed 10,000 Edomites. IIK.14:7

Denunciations of Edom are found in Psa.137:7, Isa.34, Jer.49:7–22, Amos 1:11–12, and all of Obadiah.
Jacob have I loved. Esau have I hated. Mal.1:2–5
Herod the Great, an Edomite (Idumean), continued the antagonism with the godly line by trying to kill the infant Jesus. Matt. 2:7

It is not clear why Ezekiel singles out the Edomites for yet another prophetic judgment except for their close kinship with Israel and their vengeful behavior at the time of the sack of Jerusalem.
35:5 They "gave over the people of Israel to the power of the sword at the time of their calamity".

35:9 In the end Edom would be a perpetual desolation. Only the abandoned city of Petra remains, a sandstone-carved canyon city, built by the Nabataeans who occupied the area from 400BC to the time of Christ. It is a tourist attraction 2,500 years later.

What will our civilization look like 2,500 years from now?